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Despite growing up in the United States, from as far back as I can remember Venice has been on my imagination. Probably because of the fact that I myself was born there, I was always fascinated by it from a distance- it was always a surreal city waiting for me. When I decided to get out of America, I lived in Bologna for the first year. But after a series of strange events (more precisely, a girl) I found myself, unexplainably, a resident of Venice. Now that the years have passed and the labyrinth of Venice has become familiar if not habitual, I enjoy giving all of the people on my tours a glimpse of it from eyes of someone who has lived and studied it fully, without losing the outsiders perspective which made me so fascinated by in in the first place. On my personalized tour Venice Through The Ages, not only will we decipher the long history of Venice- we’ll also touch upon subjects that regard the present day. The goal is to make the city alive for someone who only has a short time to live it.

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