About Us

Our vision

JMwalkingtour provides a high quality range of personalized tours led by English speaking local professionals.

We take joy in exploring with you the history, the culture and the environment of our cities, striving to give you the insights to fully understand and appreciate them.

In harmony with our mission to support accessible and sustainable tourism for all, we are inviting you to walk on and off awe-inspiring, untangled and often mysterious tracks.

We will give you insights on where to sip, eat, shop and relax like a local, supporting the authentic heritage of each city.

Our mission

Our association promotes for its members guided tours in select Italian cities.

Our aim, thanks to your donations, is to continue our ambitious projects benefiting the disabled.

For those who wish to learn about our rich artistic patrimony, our guides offer their professionalism in return for donations, without which Justmen would be unable to provide these wonderful services.

We believe in solidarity, convinced that an exchange of said cultural service for a donation is just and gratifying for all concerned.

We hope to see many of you at our meeting point, thanking everyone for their donations thus far and appreciative in advance of those to come.

Let's support JM Cause!