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A walking tour through the treasures of Bologna

Discover the history, art and mysteries of Bologna through a walking tour that reveals to you the treasures of its beguiling Medieval past.

Venture through the narrow streets of the Old Town, soaking up the atmosphere of time gone by, only to arrive at a number of astounding piazzas, where your eyes can take in the charming skyline of terracotta roofs and their characteristic friezes. Our guides will lead you – even in the rain – under Bologna's famous Porticoes (recognised as a Unesco World heritage site) to the gastronomic bounty for which the city is renowned.

If you are fond of music, you will also discover musical harmonies and contrasts in some of the Palazzoes which hosted composers and musicians such as Respighi, Mozart, Rossini and which have made Bologna a Unesco Capital of Music since 2006.

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Meet Bologna's guides

Our guides have a unique style of combining history with pure entertainment, making their tours some of the most popular in all of Europe.

On this tour, you'll hear the stories you'd never hear otherwise.

FAQ Bologna tour

Our tour starts at the Meeting Point indicated on our website in the tour presentation of each city.

Once arrived at the Meeting Point in the city you have chosen to visit with us, please look out for our guide holding a sign with the tour.

The guide will offer you a map of the tour, indicating the itinerary. Ask the guide where the tour ends, as each guide leads a different tour.

Every day. Check out the schedule of the tours in every city.

Approximately 2 hours.

The duration can change according to the number of participants and also to the seasonal weather conditions.

Yes, tours are in English.

We expect our Guests to have a basic knowledge of English language.

JMwalkingtour is a way of helping Justmen non-profit association to support Guests with disabilities, so donations are welcome.

The guide will give you a receipt for your donation.

Seniors and children are very welcome.

The tour provides historic and cultural information and is suitable for an interested audience, so keen and curious children will love it.

We rarely hear that seniors have a hard time on our tours as long as they feel comfortable walking.

We do recommend to attend the tour with children who can walk on their own most of the tour. Strollers are allowed.

The Accessible Tour specially designed for people with reduced mobility or who travel in wheelchair starts in Via dell'Indipendenza (Garibaldi's statue) and ends in Piazza Maggiore.

Our guides are working continuously to find the most accessible itineraries for all our Guests.

Even if you think you won't arrive in time or if you have problems in reaching the Meeting Point, please contact the tour guide who will explain to you how to meet the group if the tour has already started.

Getting to the Meeting Point 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour will allow us to start on time.

We recommend using sunblock and wearing a cap/hat for protection. A bottle of water can be handy. Comfortable shoes and clothes are also recommended.

For additional clothing and accessories, please read the weather forecast.

We try to limit the number of participants to a maximum of 20 people.

Our guides were born or study/work in the cities where they are leading the tours.

They have gone through extensive training of the points of interest.

All guides have areas of expertize related to the history and the culture of the city they are presenting.

We value the input of our Guests.

For complaints and suggestions, please email us at